Transform Interiors Spaces with Outlast Inside Satin and Inside Lo-Glos

The stain and finish on your log, lumber, and timber contribute significantly more than just your log home’s visual charm. Sure, these elements amplify the beauty and hues of the wood grain. Still, a more practical function to choosing top-tier log home finishes is protecting the logs from damaging indoor elements. Smoke from fireplaces, cooking smells, dust, grease, humidity, and natural and artificial light can contribute to the discoloration and deterioration of your interior
wooden walls. It’s worth noting that new wood typically darkens around 12 shades within a few years post-construction!

Choosing a product that maintains its allure (and natural appearance) over time is paramount. Outlast Inside Satin and Outlast Lo-Gloss treatments are expertly crafted with this consideration in mind. These finishes permit moisture vapor to permeate the coating from the inside, yet they retain water-repellent properties on the surface, thus facilitating effortless cleaning. The Outlast interior finishes highlight the wood’s natural beauty and incorporate a UV protective layer to enhance its overall appearance.

Log home music room treated with Outlast® Inside Satin CTA Products

Analysis of Outlast® Inside Satin

Outlast® Inside Satin is a unique water-based finish designed with log home wall and trim surfaces in mind. It is available in clear, light, and medium toners, making it easy to customize the desired tone of the wood surface. The formulation resists household odors, including cooking and fireplace smells, and prevents mildew growth. It is “tough as nails” and provides a water-repellent finish that can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water. Its low VOC content allows quick drying time without lingering odors or fumes.

Different Tones Available and Their Applications:

The clear tone provides a transparent finish that highlights the natural beauty of the wood without any color alteration. The light toner slightly darkens the original tone for a subtler depth, while medium toners have a more pronounced effect when coloring trim work and cabinetry. The formulation also allows for a subtle highlighting effect by using a base coat of light or medium toner followed by a top coat of clear Inside Satin or Lo-Glos.

Benefits of the Inside Satin

Outlast Inside Satin offers numerous benefits, making it the perfect choice for protecting and transforming interior log walls, trim, cabinetry, paneling, and more. The finish is tough yet allows moisture vapor to escape without clouding the finish. Due to its water-repellent properties, it is easy to clean with mild soap and water. Its low VOC content diminishes any lingering odors or fumes after drying, making it perfectly safe for interior use. It also helps slow surface mildew

Spotlight on Outlast® Inside Lo-Glos

Outlast® Inside Lo-Glos provides all the same benefits as Inside Satin but in a low-gloss sheen. The product is available in clear only, making it ideal for kitchen cabinets, trim work, and doors that require a more durable finish with a glossier look. The application rate is approximately 400 square feet per gallon, and the product features a unique water-based VOC-compliant formulation and quick drying.

About Lo-Glos

Similar to Inside Satin, Outlast Inside Lo-Glos is ideally suited for new construction, providing a durable finish with a glossy look. Lo-Glos allows moisture vapor to permeate the coating from the inside yet retains water-repellent properties on the surface. This makes cleaning easy with mild soap and water while hindering surface mildew development. With minimal VOC content, this product blocks unpleasant odors or fumes post-drying, guaranteeing the utmost safety for interior applications.

Applications for Outlast Lo-Glos

Specifically designed for interior surfaces, apply Outlast Inside Lo-Glos to log walls, trim work, paneling, and cabinetry. It is particularly well suited for kitchen cabinets, doors, and other areas receiving frequent use and requiring a more durable finish.

Differences and Similarities

Outlast Inside Satin and Lo-Glos are specially formulated for interior use and protect against moisture, grease, dirt, dust, and more. The main difference between the two is their appearance; while Satin offers a classic matte finish with a light sheen, Lo-Glos provides a glossy look, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood. But Outlast Inside Lo-Glos can complement Inside Satin when used in tandem to create an even better high-gloss look. This link will take you to the directions.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Interior Stain

When choosing an interior treatment for log homes, it is crucial to select one that can provide long-lasting protection from the elements while still highlighting the natural beauty of the wood. Outlast® Inside Satin and Outside/Inside Lo-Glos offer a durable and aesthetically pleasing VOC-compliant solution that is low odor and quick drying. Combining these features makes them ideal for log home interiors and other wood features, offering superior protection while enhancing the wood’s natural beauty.