CTA Products Group 1 LLC specializes in Outlast® wood treatment products for log homes, exterior wood siding, fences, pressure treated lumber and decking. We offer an EPA registered - (EPA REG. NO. 81819-1) - wood preservative and the only botanical insect repellent additive for exterior coatings. Our product line includes exterior finishes and cleaners, paint and coatings additives interior finishes and cleaners.

In addition, we manufacture specialty coatings for the commercial roofing industry and OEM ornamental metal finishes.

CTA’s Outlast® brand products are specifically designed for ease of use.  Excellent results can be obtained without the need for moisture meters, pH strip testing, expensive surface prep, multiple coatings and special training classes.

Our products are available over the Internet, at paint and specialty stores, through log home producers and their dealer networks nationwide as well as Lumberyards serviced by PrimeSource BP nationally.


Meet some of our Team Members!

Jim Mokriski - Outlast® CTA Products

Leading up our sales effort is Jim Mokriski.  Jim is a familiar face at log home shows and in the field.  Jim is available most anytime by phone. 

Call him direct at 203-982-5607.
Email Jim at [email protected]

Zoom in Tom King About Us Outlast Photo

Tom King represents Outlast at Log Home Shows and is the voice you often hear on the phone.  Ask him a question and he knows how to answer!

Tom can be reached at 662-536-1446 option #2

Email Tom at [email protected]

Company owner, Barbara Murray began her career in wood preservation in the early 1980’s working for a largely industrial chemicals facility.  Her goal when starting her own company was to manufacture simple to use, but technically superior retail products for residential wood applications.  Outlast Q8 Log Oil is the only broad-spectrum EPA registered (EPA REG. NO. 81819-1) rot control treatment AND translucent stain for decks, log and siding applications.  Patented NBS 30 is a totally unique insect repellent for addition to exterior coatings.  All botanical NBS 30 was developed specifically to address many years of homeowner requests for relief from carpenter bees. 

She can be reached direct at 662-536-1446.  

E-mail her at [email protected]

Barbara from Outlast® CTA Products

Outlast, Q8 Log Oil, NBS 30, and No Bug Stuff are registered trademarks of CTA Products Group 1 LLC.


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