Did you Know…. that the use of Outlast Q8 Log Oil validates the warranty on "Wolmanized" and "Outdoor" Brands of Treated wood?  Use Outlast Q8 factory pre-tinted colors it on End Cuts and all deck surfaces for Beautiful Color, Water Repellency and Additional Rot control.


Not all kinds of preserved and pressure-treated wood are exactly alike

Several different formulations are available under different brand names. BUT All residential treated wood (since the elimination of CCA as the pressure treatment chemical) needs to have an end-cut booster treatment. Outlast Q8 Log Oil is the BEST choice for this purpose because it contains .675% copper 8 quinolinolate to meet the AWPA M-4 standard for end cuts, bore holes and fastener punctures AND, it is virtually odorless while drying invisibly into the end grain. Q8 Log Oil is also available in pre-mixed colors for use as an exterior wood stain for the entire wood project allowing end cuts to be treated when staining if desired.

Outlast Q8 Log Oil is one of the few treatments specified in the AWPA M4 standard as an acceptable preservative for pressure-treated lumber cuts. The use of Outlast Q8 Log Oil on all end-cuts validates the warranty for all brands of pressure treated lumber and is specifically mentioned by name in the Outdoor and Wolmanized brand warranty paperwork. Be sure to choose end-cut solutions that are EPA registered (EPA REG. NO. 81819-1) wood preservatives specified in the AWPA M4 standard.

AWPA (American Wood Protection Association) is an organization promoting high quality standards developed by highly experienced and knowledgeable technical committees. They utilize ANSI-accredited and consensus-based processes that guarantee the highest standards when it comes to wood preservation and treatment, all according to the latest building codes and industry practices.