Outlast® Colorburst product jug



Outlast® Colorburst product jug

Outlast® Color Burst™ color enhancer adds deeper, richer color tones to our Outlast Q8 Log Oil.

It should be added when a darker or richer color is desired or in cases where imperfections are present or discoloration cannot be removed by cleaning or other means.

Please note: Color Burst will not produce a solid to hide stain. Highly visible imperfections or discoloration may still be noticeable. Color Burst will mitigate but will not completely hide serious problems or differences in wood species.

Colorburst honey color sample - Outlast® CTA Products


Colorburst flemish brown sample - Outlast® CTA Products

Flemish Brown

Colorburst It Cypress color sample - Outlast® CTA Products

Lt. Cypress

Colorburst alder color sample - Outlast® CTA Products


Colorburst tamarack color sample - Outlast® CTA Products


Colorburst redwood color sample - Outlast® CTA Products


Colorburst It pecan color sample - Outlast® CTA Products

Lt. Pecan

Colorburst it red maple color sample - Outlast® CTA Products

Lt. Red Maple


  • Add Deeper Tones to Q8 Log Oil  for sidewall applications
  • Establishes Better Hide Without Obscuring the Natural Grain
  • Helps mask wood imperfections
  • Adds Cover for Discolored Logs
  • 100% Iron Oxide Dispersion for Superior Exterior Durability
  • Available in many tints
  • Not for use on walk surfaces of decks
Colorburst demonstration on cedar and pine wood planks - Outlast® CTA Products
Regular Q8 Color Burst

...[we] are enjoying complement after complement on the color and transparency of the stain.

– Mark Ellis in East Tennessee

Outlast Color Burst is a specialty color additive designed for use in Q8 Log Oil when a deeper and richer color tone is desired. Addition provides a little heavier coverage than un-augmented Q8 pre-tints while still maintaining a semi-transparent look. Utilizing iron oxide pigments, the additive provides excellent UV control and compliments all the existing features of Q8 Log Oil.

Add one quart to a 5/gallon bucket of Q8 Log Oil – normally the 00 CLEAR material or the 01 Natural Base. ColorBurst can be added to other Q8 pre-tints to alter the shade and toning of the original base selected thereby creating a brand NEW color. Stir frequently during use.

Outlast Color Burst is recommended for side wall applications and NOT for walk surfaces.


Color Burst is special order only. Pick it up by visiting LogCabinCare.com below: