"From obtaining product samples and valuable application information, to speaking with [Outlast] R&D scientists, you and your company have exceeded every expectation my wife and I have for a wood stain provider."

– Mark Ellis, East Tennessee

Good morning Barbara just thought I'd send you a picture of my deck completed if you can't see the whole thing let me know. It came out beautiful the water beads up on it so nicely.  I and I'm sure it won't have to be done for quite a long time! Hope you have a great week the weather is beautiful here! Cheryl

Hi Barbara just wanted to send you a picture of my log home that was done in Q8 log oil in 2007.  We live in Rehoboth Massachusetts. My husband Normand spoke with you many years ago when he ordered the product. We have been very pleased with the results. We have recently been contemplating what stain to use on our very weathered deck. I will send to you a picture of the before and after because we were told that we should use the same oil on our deck since it has work so well on our home. That will be our project this weekend. Have a great weekend Barbara will be in touch. Cheryl Tremblay