The following products are for interior stain and finishing. For exterior stain, see Wood Preservative.


Interior Finish

Interior stain specifically formulated for log homes.


Low Gloss Interior Finish

Clear interior finish with slight sheen and low gloss.

Whether you are doing regular maintenance or building a new log home, investing in good interior wood finishing products should be a priority.

Your log, lumber and timber’s stain and finish do more than just define your cabin’s aesthetic appeal. While stains and finishes do help enhance the natural beauty and color of wood grain, a more practical reason for investing in premium quality log home finishing is shielding logs from the interior elements that make them prone to damage.

Fireplace odors, cooking odors, dust, grease, humidity, natural and artificial lighting can all work to discolor and degrade your interior wood wall surfaces. New wood will naturally darken about 12 shades during the first several years after construction! Make sure that the product you select will look good (and natural) for many years to come. Outlast Inside Satin and Lo Gloss treatments allow moisture vapor to pass through the coating from the inside, but remain water repellent from the surface allowing easy cleaning and dusting. Outlast interior finishes help bring out the natural beauty of wood—all while giving the wood a UV protective finish to enhance its overall appearance.

Low VOC water based Outlast Inside finishes are fast drying. One or two initial coats will still be working hard to protect sidewalls and trim wood for many, many years to come. Select the wood protectant that makes sense!