Outlast is a leading provider of wood preservatives, additives, stains, water repellents and convenient surface prep products. Designed to protect and defend your deck, log home, exterior siding, wood roofs and fencing from outdoor elements; Outlast Products can protect against water infiltration, rot, decay, UV degradation insects and more.

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NBS 30

All Natural Pest Repellent


Stain Color Enhancer

If you are looking for a deck protector product, decking oil, oil based deck stain, deck stain and sealer, deck finish, decking treatment or deck waterproofing alternative, look no further.

We can provide protection with under deck waterproofing alternatives and waterproof deck membrane options. Stain and treat end-cuts of pressure treated lumber with one product all during the construction phase. No waiting necessary!

Need an exterior wood stain for exterior log and sidewall applications? How about an alternative to common log home sealants? Are you shopping for a log home stain, or outdoor wood stain? Are you trying to waterproof wood? (Let us tell you why this may not be the best idea.)

Are wood ants, wood bees and carpenter bee prevention issues you need to address? Are you interested in natural insect repellent options for exterior use? Do you need to protect wood from termites?

Outlast offers utmost convenience by making wood finishing and cleaning products and water repellent preservative treatments available for purchase online. The Outlast web store is your best resource for complete information about wood preservatives, additives, finishing, cleaning, and staining products, all designed for ease of use from your first treatment throughout the maintenance cycle.

You can shop online or find a dealer near you through the Outlast Shop to get your hands on these powerful treatment formulations. If you’d rather buy in person, you may likewise use the site to find a nearby Outlast dealer so you can speak directly with representatives and know more about products and solutions that will best cater to your needs. Browse through the site to learn more and see what Outlast has to offer. Protect your wood home or deck with formulations that work.


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