The Superiority of Q8 Log Oil for End-Cut Protection

There’s no match for Q8 Log Oil by Outlast Products when it comes to end cuts. Its advanced formula penetrates the deepest layers of wood, forming a protective barrier against moisture incursion, AND augments the active ingredient already present in commercially pressure-treated lumber.

With Q8 Log Oil, enjoy all four (4) advantages not found in other offerings: unmatched water resistance, incredible UV defiance, ROT, INSECT control, and the aesthetic appeal of a stain, all in a single application. Its effectiveness lasts for years, preserving the beauty of your
wood and defending your end cuts.

Q8 Log Oil is one of the few sealant products mentioned by name in the Wolmanized and Outdoor brand warranty documentation. It’s a testament to its effectiveness in maintaining your pressure-treated wood. Simplify your warranty worries by choosing Q8 Log Oil for sealing all end cuts, whether you’re building a log house, decking, or fence. Invest in the best to secure your investment.

Safeguarding Your Logs

Consider the exposed ends of logs used in building your log home. When wood is cut or drilled during construction, the untreated portion is exposed, necessitating extra protection. Exposed ends will soak in moisture faster than other areas. Unchecked, this exposure can lead to deterioration caused by termites, mold, mildew, and decay-causing organisms.

Q8 Log Oil is the perfect solution for safeguarding your logs. A single application creates a potent barrier against water and moisture damage on both sides of the log end cuts. This product allows you to take full advantage of the unique natural beauty of wood without worrying about timber degradation or premature aging due to exposure to harsh elements.

Outlast Products’ Q8 Log Oil is non-toxic and odorless. It can be applied with a brush or airless sprayer to all exposed wood, including treated logs, decking, fencing, and siding. Its unique formula contains Copper 8 Quinolinolate, which is deadly to rot and insects but has a very low
mammalian toxicity profile, so you can rest assured that your family and the environment are safe.

Preserving Your Warranty

Protecting your wood isn’t the only advantage of sealing end cuts; it also safeguards your wood’s warranty, especially for your pressure-treated lumber. Failing to do so leaves you financially liable for replacing the damaged wood.

Q8 Log Oil is one of the few options available that can help you maintain your pressure-treated lumber warranty. It seals the exposed ends, protecting them from moisture, UV exposure, and rot damage. This product’s advanced formula penetrates deep into wood surfaces, providing maximum water resistance.

By choosing Q8 Log Oil for sealing end-cuts on a log home, fence, or deck, you can rest assured that your wood is in the best possible condition – not just now but for years to come. When properly applied, it provides exceptional protection against harmful elements and safeguards your warranty. Take the time to invest in superior end-cut protection with Q8 Log Oil for lasting beauty and peace of mind.

Sealing the end cuts of wood is vital to protect it from possible water damage and to maintain your investment’s warranty. Sealing the end cuts ensures that your warranty remains valid in case of any issues. Manufacturers stress the importance of sealing end cuts, indicating their significant role in protecting your wood. Q8 Log Oil is a superior choice that provides protection from moisture, UV exposure, and rot damage and maintains your pressure-treated lumber warranty. Invest in Q8 Log Oil for end-grain sealing to ensure lasting beauty and peace of mind.