Bees and Wasps

I am considering your NBS30 for use on my IPE Adirondack chairs, which are being eaten by wasps.
I read one of the reviews on this product regarding bees that were eating their cedar wood (6/5/19) and were not having success. Your response was that the bees needed to live out their life cycle.
Would I expect a similar result with wasps? They are eating/ etching the wood surface to use to build their nests. We have been unable to locate & eradicate their dwellings to decrease their presence.
Just want to verify prior to purchase and adding it to something I will not re-coat for at least another year.
Thank you for your time. Theresa Albert



Hi Theresa –


Thanks for contacting us!


I’m not sure where you read that “………bees need to live out their life cycle” because this is NOT accurate information regarding carpenter bees.  Carpenter bee must be killed and their tunnels must be poisoned and caulked to prevent future generations from returning.  As for wasps, dirt daubers and the like – as long as there are no TUNNELS inside the cellulose and the nests are strictly SURFACE nests – NBS 30 should be very helpful in preventing them from building new nests!  It is imperative that the existing nests be completely removed and the surface thoroughly washed and dry.  THEN treat with your DeckWise to which the appropriate amount of NBS 30 has been added.  You may need to apply 2 coats.


I would expect relief from the wasps for (at minimum) a season of use and maybe up to 4 years.