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Outlast® Mold-Buster™ is an EPA-registered product designed to stop mold, mildew, and algae growth on paints, stains, coatings and adhesives.

Each 7.5 oz. container of Mold-Buster additive treats up to 5 gallons of paint or stain; or, it can be measured out in single gallon doses through the "view finder" strip on the side of the container. It does not alter the color of the coating and its thin viscosity allows easy mixing.

The formulation is freeze-thaw stable, and has low odor and low VOC. Suitable for use in oil and/or water-based coatings, Mold-Buster should still be working hard to protect the paint film after 3 years or more.


  • Interior / Exterior
  • Add to oil, latex, water based and solvent borne paints and coatings
  • Pre-measured dose for 5 gallons of paint or stain or use the 'View-Finder" to add to single gallon paint cans
  • Excellent additive for basement and bathroom coatings
  • Clear in color
  • Add to interior or exterior coatings
  • Thin viscosity mixes easily
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Low odor / Low VOC

Use Outlast® Mold-Buster when additional protection is required to control surface mold, mildew, and algae growth on the coating. It is recommended for use with coatings applied in high humidity environments and for applications where mildew has been a problem in the past.

Mold can lead to all kinds of maintenance issues in properties as well as health issues for the building’s users and occupants. This is why an anti-mold treatment is highly recommended particularly in high-humidity areas that make wood prone to mold and mildew growth. If you are looking for the best anti-mold solution to prevent surface mold growth, Mold-Buster Additive is the answer. Outlast Mold-Buster paint and coatings additive becomes incapsulated into the film of the coating to ward off mold for up to 5 years.

Anti-mold, Outlast Mold-Buster protects against surface film growths including algae and mildew as well as mold. It is useful both indoors and out and can be added to oil and water- based paints, stains, coatings etc.

Do you know how to prevent and protect your property from mold and mildew from the start? Make sure all areas have good ventilation and air flow. Eliminate excessive interior moisture and promptly repair any plumbing leaks. Use the exhaust fan in the bathroom when bathing! Always install gutters when needed to prevent rain from saturating exterior side wall areas. Then add Mold-Buster to your coating the next time you paint or stain. Finding the right solution and preventing mold and mildew before they start is crucial to keep your family healthy and your premises clean. Mold-Buster can add years of life to your paint job as well and that saves TIME AND MONEY.


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